We offer a range of services from general housekeeping in your PC to Full Resets and Data Recovery.

No Fix, No Fee!

We strongly believe in providing you the best possible service, which is why we offer a simple policy. There’s no cost to you if we are unable to fix your problem. Ask in store for more information.

CMB Computers Health Check

We check existing anti-virus, anti-spyware and fix minor problems.

Due to the time it may take to remove spyware and viruses, charges start at £15 but will not exceed £80 in the case of a full reset of the system.

CMB Computers Full Reset

A Full Reset takes the computer back to its original settings to regain its original performance. This will remove all spyware, viruses and system instabilities which may be present.

Laptop Repairs

We can also repair laptops, this includes screen and keyboard replacements, pin repairs and data recovery.

Apple IMacs and MacBooks

Our shop can repair and service your Apple IMac and MacBooks.