Networking for your home or work.

We stock most networking and storage components, and if we don’t have it in stock, we can order it for next day delivery. Whether you require a new 1TB internal hard drive, or an ethernet cable for your Playstation-to-router link, we will have it.


Memory Cards

Typically used with mobile phones or digital cameras.


With more and more people Skyping, you’ll need a webcam too.

External Storage

If you don’t backup your data, this is the best time to start.


Need more network ports for your network? Add a switch.

USB Dongles

Do you need mobile internet for your laptop? Use a dongle.

Pen Drives

We stock USB pen drives too. Use a 32GB USB stick as a backup.

Hard Drives

Upgrade your internal  or external drive space with a HDD or SDD.


Routers provided by broadband providers aren’t always the best.


Do you need a broadband or ethernet cable? We can help.